Fishing for Hope

Mallaig Harbour

Not a topic that comes up often in conversation in Frimley Green, but around the coasts of Britain – in towns that are home to what remains of our once massive fishing fleets – the devastating impact that EU quotas have had on our fishing industry is evident.

This article in the Daily Mail entitled “Sunk… by EU quotacrats: One Dutch trawler gets a quarter of England’s entire fish quota” tells a typical story of how EU regulation has allowed other member states to pillage UK water and drive fish stocks in some species to near extinction – and there’s nothing we can do about it.

In this article, the decline of our fishing industry and impact of the EU Common Fisheries Policy is documented;

Clearly the CFP is a classic disaster caused by the greedy instincts of individual nations comprising the EU. It would have been better if the UK had (like France and its agriculture) never given up our territorial waters and protected fishing areas to the EU.

Of course there is a way to get our seas (and our Country) back – #VoteUKIP


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