50 Shades of Green

Dashboard For A Greener Future

I am often scathing about government green policies, green initiatives and green taxes, but I do consider myself to be at least partially green.

I believe fervently in protecting the planet and its flora and fauna.  I would hate have been part of a generation that oversaw the extinction of iconic species such as rhino, elephant and tiger.  We share our planet with these creatures and have no more right to life than they do.

Similarly the rainforests should be preserved, not for the CO2 absorbing qualities of the trees, but again for the thousands of species that live in these locations.

I am also a keen recycler.  I uphold the principles of reduce-reuse-recycle as best I can – we have two green recycle bins at home as I recycle so much.  Again, I do this not because I believe we’ll all be doomed if we don’t cover the country in windmills, but because fossil fuels are clearly a finite resource.

Their availability and abundance will certainly see my life out and probably most people who read this blog, but ultimately we will run out of natural reserves of oil, coal and gas and the longer we can delay that moment the better chance we have to find a suitable alternative.

However, when it comes to other green policies, there are some I am against.  The following are extracted from the greens web site;

We will work to create a world of global inter-responsibility in which the concept of a ‘British national’ is irrelevant and outdated.

We will progressively reduce UK Immigration controls.

Migrants illegally in the UK for over five years will be allowed to remain.”

In the long term, the Green Party wishes to see the concept of legal nationality abolished.

The age at which people may take seats at any level of Government, would be reduced to 16.

UK political parties will be funded by the State.

A Citizen’s Income sufficient to cover an individual’s basic needs will be introduced, which will replace tax-free allowances and most social security benefits. A Citizen’s Income is an unconditional, non-withdrawable income payable to each individual as a right of citizenship. It will not be subject to means testing and there will be no requirement to be either working or actively seeking work.

A system of environmental tax measures (“eco-taxes”) will be introduced.

The costs of motoring should rise, Fuel taxes should therefore be increased.

We will decommission UK’s own nuclear weapons.

The Green Party is committed to significantly reducing the prison population. Courts will have a duty to reduce use of custodial sentencing in favour of community sentencing.

Prisoners will be granted the right to vote.

Young People under the age of 18 would no longer be kept in custody.

Prisoners would normally have their own room. They would enjoy extended facilities for communication and association with family and friends including unsupervised visits.

I guess this makes me very much a lighter shade of green.


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