TTIP – clear as mud

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There have been a number of debates and discussions in the House of Commons recently concerning the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership – TTIP.

A campaign organised by 38 Degrees, asked concerned individuals to write to their MP asking that they vote for Geraint Davies MP’s motion on TTIP, calling for TTIP to be scrutinised in the UK as well as EU parliaments.

As a Parliamentary candidate, I was copied on many of these emails and asked for my opinion on TTIP.

I responded individually to the 60 or so emails that I received, but thought it would be worth sharing my response here too;

Dear Mr John Doe,

Your recent request to Michael Gove regarding TTIP was also copied to me as I am one of the other Parliamentary Candidates standing in the General Election in Surrey Heath this May.

You are right to be concerned about this agreement.  The fact that the discussions are being held under such tight secrecy tells you much about the process and the prospect of any significant benefit to the UK.  No doubt there will be some aspects of the agreement that will be positive, but also many that will be to our detriment, yet we will not be able to cherry-pick which parts we want – the entire thing will be foisted upon us as a result of our membership of the EU.

It is difficult to say where the benefits will come, but as with most EU legislation it is those with the biggest lobbying voice, the deepest pockets and the most to gain that seem to get their way – i.e. big business – and it is the small and medium sized companies that lose out.  Recently The Guardian reported that “The TTIP trade deal will throw equality before the law on the corporate bonfire” and there were reports in many papers of the massive number of concerns raised by people such as yourself.

The biggest concern for most people, me included, is the prospect of the NHS becoming embroiled in the agreement and UKIP will fight vigorously to oppose this.

Of course, were we to leave the EU, we would be in a position to negotiate our own trade agreement between the UK and the US to our specific requirements.


Paul Chapman.
UKIP Surrey Heath Parliamentary Candidate
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