UKIP Surrey Email Bulletin #3

Bulletin 3

In the latest edition of our UKIP Surrey Email Bulletin;

  • The debt timebomb
  • Impact on pensions for younger workers
  • Impact on pensions for pensioners
  • Why we should stop sending aid to Argentina

and much more…


2 responses to “UKIP Surrey Email Bulletin #3

  1. What’s UKIPs view on the housing crisis? It’s a ticking time bomb for generation rent. Paying high rents, unable to save enough for a deposit, and not putting anywhere near enough money into their pensions to continue paying high rent once they are forced to retire.


    • Hi Kevin,

      I agree – it’s a big worry. Our daughter’s at Uni at the moment so she’ll end up with £30k+ of debt before she even starts.

      We would change planning rules to make it easier to build on brownfield sites instead of greenfield sites, there is scope for around 750,000 new homes on brownfield.

      Housing problems are due to both lack of supply and excessive demand. So by reducing immigration we can also reduce the demand and make things easier.

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