Theft From Cars In Frimley Green – A Warning


A quick note of warning to people in Frimley Green.

When I parked my car on my drive on Sunday afternoon I must have forgotten to lock the doors – I was busy moving stuff between the car and the garage and it slipped my mind.

When I came to get in the car this morning to go to work I found that someone had been in the car looking for items of value to steal.

The glove box had been emptied onto the front seat, as had the passenger door pocket contents and the contents of the centre console storage.

Luckily I don’t keep anything of value in my car and nothing was taken.

I can only assume this was a random attack, with someone walking along the street trying any cars they come to, to see if they have been left unlocked.

Although it does beg the question, how often has this happened before when I have locked the car – it would be a massive coincidence for it to only happen on the one night I forget.

The two morals of the story are;

  1. Make sure you lock your car
  2. Don’t leave anything of value in the car overnight

I reported this to the Police, in case there were other people who were also targeted or it happens again on another night.

Residents of Frimley Green – be careful.




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