A Gift for David Cameron


Politics is a shady business.

To quote Jeffrey Pelt from The Hunt For Red October “Listen, I’m a politician which means I’m a cheat and a liar, and when I’m not kissing babies I’m stealing their lollipops”.

The political landscape is filled – now more than ever – with soundbites and photo ops, stage-managed events, press releases and sanitised Q&A sessions.

For the most part we, as the general public, have to put up with it.  But at election time we deserve better.

This is the most important election for a generation – and there is NO EXCUSE for David Cameron to duck a sensible series of public TV debates.  None whatsoever.

Of course the question of whether the debate should be Lab-Con, or Lib-Lab-Con, or Lib-Lab-Con-UKIP or more will go on, but to try and hide behind the mass bun-fight of a 7-way debate is shameful and frankly embarrassing from a so-called World Leader.

While I’d love to see Nigel Farage involved in a serious 3-way debate, I am realistic that UKIP will not hold the majority in government post May 7th.  It is inevitable that the major partner in any future government will be Lab or Con and therefore the British public DESERVE a head-to-head debate between Ed and Dave.

There is only one reason why DC won’t take part – and that is a calculated political decision that he will lose less from chickening out of the debate than Ed might gain from the same debate.

This is NOT acceptable.

Cameron is our leader, our figurehead, our totem, he represents us and our nation on the World stage. As such he has a moral obligation to debate ANYONE who has reasonable cause to challenge him.  Ed Miliband has that justification and therefore should be given the chance.

Anything less is political cowardice.

The British Army knew how to reward cowards.


Thought this article was amusing too…

Forget David Cameron – The broadcasters should let Ed Miliband debate himself 



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