Winner Takes All


The debate about First Past The Post versus some sort of Proportional Representation or Alternative Vote mechanism has raged for years.

It’s widely recognised that FPTP favours the major parties over the smaller ones and this is evident in a chart from YouGov that appeared on Twitter recently;



That the SNP and ‘others’ might, between them, garner half the number of votes of UKIP but be rewarded with 14x the number of MPs is a difficult pill to swallow. As UKIP gains popularity and following, this kind of discrepancy will be highlighted more and more.

I have a feeling there will be a lot of UKIP supporters waking up on May 8th who will be very disappointed with the election result.

The other disappointing thing about the FPTP system, is that it brings in the prospect of tactical voting – where you vote for someone other than your preferred candidate in order to thwart a third candidate.

The concept of “Vote for me, I’m not quite as bad as the other lot” is not something I subscribe to.  Although some people do;

Gove: three main parties should unite against UKIP

For now FPTP is the system we have to use, and accept the consequences.


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