Myths that Miss the Mark – Part 2


Here is Part 2 of my review of a recent article claiming to bust 5 myths about Europe;

Myth #2 – That it works for Switzerland.

“If the UK were to exit the EU, it would lose its place at the policy-making table in Europe but it would not stop being affected by the decisions made at that table”

That goes for every other Country in the World that we trade with – their political decisions impact us.  The big difference is that we will be in a position to negotiate an agreement that is to our mutual benefit and not be part of the ‘one-size-fits-all’ EU agreement.

And while we have a ‘place’ at the EU policy making table, we have fewer than 10% of MEPs so we do not have a place of influence.

Then he goes on to talk about a Swiss model and a Norwegian model and finishes by saying;

“So, while the choice to remain in the EU is clear, the multiple choices for opting out are anything but.”

As I said previously, this idea of confusion and options will be a main line of attack for the “In” lobby come referendum day.

The UKIP position is clear – trade agreement only.

Myth #3 – That Brussels Meddles in the UK.

Here things start to go very left-field;

“a recent House of Commons report estimated that, at most, just 12.8% of UK laws even mention the EU.”

What has having the word “EU” in a piece of legislation got to do with whether it is dictated or determined by the EU?

This is specious at best, and puerile at worst.  Some of the most desperate straw-clutching I’ve seen in a while.

“For some reason, UKIP continue to quote the laughable figure of 75% despite this evidence. They are utterly, categorically, wrong.”

Except Business for Britain – an independent organisation – has carried out extensive research and concluded that 64.7% of UK law is defined from Brussels.

So you can decide which option is ‘laughable’ and ‘utterly, categorically, wrong’.

Final Part to come tomorrow.


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