Myths that Miss the Mark – Part 3

euro crisis

Final part of my review of an article Five myths about Europe that need busting before the British general election.

Myth #4 – China

“But if the UK leaves the EU, some say, it can trade more with countries such as China. Freedom from EU rules would mean the UK could trade more with these fast-growing nations and not be so tied to its neighbours.”

Correct, because we can define a mutually beneficial trade agreement with China – something we don’t have now.

“But another European country seems to be doing both with relative ease … Germany’s exports to Brazil, China, India, Russia and South Africa are more than four times the value of UK exports to those countries – trade that represents a higher share of Germany’s total exports than the equivalent UK figure. Indeed, the UK even exports less than France to these countries.

Meanwhile, the UK exports more to Ireland than it does to China (twice as much in 2011 and 60% as much in 2013). Overall, about half of UK trade is with EU partners (imports and exports). And while the share has been declining recently, the absolute value of trade with European neighbours continues to rise.”

So there is even more ‘up-side’ opportunity with China.  But why focus only on China? what about India, the rest of the Commonwealth, USA, African nations – all places where we could set up bilateral and mutually beneficial trade agreements.

Myth #5 – Human Rights

“But love it or hate it, the fact is, the European Court of Human Rights is not part of the European Union – it is part of the Council of Europe – a completely separate organisation. Leaving the EU would have no impact on its role in UK law. This would be an entirely different discussion.”

Correct, so why don’t we just quit the ECHR now and introduce our own British Bill of Rights?

Why? Because what the author disingenuously fails to mention is that it is a condition of EU membership that we are signatories to the ECHR. We can’t remove the influence and skewed morality of the ECHR while we are members of the EU.

“Shall we start a tally to see how often between now and the election somebody says something implying they believe the ECHR is part of the EU?”

What about a tally of how many times EU proponents fail to admit that being part of the EU requires us to be signed up to the ECHR?

As UKIP have consistently said (and even the Conservatives are saying it now), we need to replace the ECHR with our own British Bill of Rights.

The difference is that UKIP understands that we need to leave the EU to do this – Conservatives are far less likely to acknowledge that fact.

One paragraph I do agree with however is;

“As we gear up for the 2015 general election, EU issues are bound to feature prominently. Sadly, much of what is being said is hogwash, particularly when it comes to EU membership itself.”

And of course,

“The challenge, therefore, is trying to work out the truth from the deafening roar of nonsense.”

Ear defenders on everyone!


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