You Learn Something New Every Day

Oil Drums s

I spotted this photo gallery in the Daily Telegraph today and was surprised to find that Saudi Arabia wasn’t holding the largest oil reserves in the World.  The top 5 are;

  1. Venezuela – 298bn barrels, 17.7pc of World reserves
  2. Saudi Arabia – 266bn barrels, 15.8pc
  3. Canada – 174bn barrels, 10.3pc
  4. Iran – 157bn barrels, 9.3pc
  5. Iraq – 150bn barrels, 8.9pc

And there are some nice photos of the oil industry too – if you like that sort of thing!


4 responses to “You Learn Something New Every Day

  1. okay. I’ve always wanted to ask this question of someone, nows my chance….. hope you have the answer Paul…..

    How many gallons (or even litres!!) are there in one barrel (in terms of crude oil I think).

    I realise crude needs to be refined to get what we call petrol etc, so maybe a secondary question, how many gallons of petrol do we get from one barrel?

    A barrel is a bit of a difficult measurement to be clear upon, whereas at least gallons or litres are easier to visualise in everyday terms



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