CPS Report vindicates UKIP energy position

Roger Helmer MEP


                 “The most expensive policy disaster in modern British History”

For three years now, as UKIP Energy Spokesman, I have been inveighing against the high costs of renewables, and the vast economic damage which they are doing to the UK and the EU.  I have argued that we are driving energy intensive businesses off-shore.  I have documented job losses and plant closures.  And while there have certainly been others, including the  TPA  and the  REF  , who have been making the same points, it has sometimes felt like a lonely furrow to plough – especially in Brussels, where “the fight against climate change” is like a Western form of Jihad, obsessive and destructive, and renewables are its weapon of choice.

So it was refreshing and encouraging to see a new report from the Centre for Policy Studies , titled “Central Planning with…

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