Forget the science for a minute and judge with your heart

GISP2 TemperatureSince10700 BP with CO2 from EPICA DomeC

I follow UKIP’s Energy Spokesman, Roger Helmer’s excellent blog, and read his article about Global Warming and his comments on Earth Hour last weekend.  The full blog post is HERE.

Often, the comments are also interesting, and with this blog there were two items that caught my eye.

The first was a highly technical blog article about CO2 and warming. I confess that much of it went over my head but the chart above makes two things abundantly clear;

  • There is absolutely no correlation between CO2 levels and global temperatures.
  • That we are actually in a period of global temperature decline, from the peak of the minoan warm period 3,500 years ago.

But far more emotive was the video posted from

Mrs C and I love Scotland.

We had our honeymoon there and toured extensively, including along the banks of Loch Ness and the ruins of Urquhart Castle.

The last holiday we shared with my father before his death also took in the area including a lovely meal in Fort Augustus at the southern end of the Loch.

Click the image below to view the 6 minute video of how the SNP and the Scottish Government are going to wreak havoc on one of the most beautiful areas of the UK in the name or renewables.

Save Loch Ness


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