The Guide 2 Camberley – full response

Camb Town Centre

Back in mid-March I was asked to submit my response to a couple of questions from “The Guide 2” as UKIP Parliamentary Candidate for Surrey Heath.

The two questions were very open-ended;

What issues are you/your party aiming to address in Surrey Heath?
Which of your party’s Key Policies apply most to the area?

My response, and those of some of the other candidates in Surrey Heath, and beyond, are now published in the latest issue of The Guide 2 Camberley which is being handed out in the town and available to download or read on-line – see Page 7.

The open-ended nature of the questions meant that I wrote much more than they were able to print (no change there then) so I thought I’d provide my full response below;

Thanks for the email. It’s been difficult to keep my answer to your two questions down to a couple of points but below are my thoughts. If you need any more, please let me know;

What issues are you/your party aiming to address in Surrey Heath?
1. To work with residents to ensure that we have our say in the Princess Royal Barracks Deepcut development of 1,200 new homes. Whilst this is exactly the sort of brownfield site we should be building on, local infrastructure must be able to cope with the increased population. With the current proposed development, there are serious concerns about the traffic reports, the size of the supermarket and the SANGs provisions.

2. To challenge any future proposal to move the Heathrow flight path over Surrey Heath. We saw (and heard) the misery caused by recent trials. I will oppose any attempt to make this a permanent arrangement.

3. To protect our green belt land from development.
Which of your party’s Key Policies apply most to the area?
1. Introducing a fairer, points-based, system of controlled immigration in order to ease the pressure on housing, healthcare, schools and other services and stop the wage tax credit funded “race to the bottom” caused by over-abundance of low and semi-skilled job seekers from the European Union.

2. Increase funding and front-line support for a free NHS.

3. Establishing a grammar school in every town and abolishing University tuition fees for students studying Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths or Medicine.

Paul Chapman.
UKIP Surrey Heath Parliamentary Candidate


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