#SurreyHeath2015 Parliamentary Hustings at High Cross Church


I took part in a hustings event last night at High Cross Church in Camberley.

Have to confess I was a little nervous at the start, and forgot to take a picture to go with this post.

The event was very well organised by Churches Together in Camberley and the people of High Cross Church and it went very well.  Six of the seven candidates were present. The Greens sent a reserve along to answer for them and he did a good job in the circumstances.

Biggest controversy of the night was when the Labour candidate made some statements about the poor state of the NHS and hospitals – seemingly not realising that we have Frimley Park, one of the Country’s highest ranked hospitals, in the Borough.  His statements brought a chorus of boos and shouting from the audience.

As expected there was much agreement from the three main parties on most issues, without any real concrete proposals for how their ideas would be funded.

The very first question, about helping small business, was very telling – everyone agreed that small businesses were very important, we should do all we can to help etc. etc.  but none of the candidates were brave enough to admit that a major cost adder for all UK companies is adherence to EU rules and directives.

Although the majority of British businesses don’t export to the EU they are all forced to comply with all sorts of bureaucracy and red tape that costs time and money. Not a problem for big business – which the EU loves – but a much more significant one for small business.

You can listen to the full podcast from here;

In my closing statement I was able to point out some of the key differences between UKIP and the LibLabCon;

  • Committed to leaving the EU
  • A points-based style of immigration, similar to that used by Australia.  Treating everyone equally
  • Leave the ECHR and replace it with a British Bill of Rights
  • Fully fund our armed forces
  • Take all those on minimum wage out of income tax
  • A grammar school in every town
  • Scrap tuition fees for students studying STEMM subjects
  • Students from the EU to pay full fees for University, like those from outside the EU
  • Abolish Inheritance Tax
  • Cut Overseas Aid and spend more of the money on the NHS and others in Britain that need it
  • Scrap the HS2 vanity project
  • Bring in a proper Right of Recall bill for errant MPs

Next Friday is the second Hustings event, at St Andrew’s Church hall in Mytchett.


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