Frimley Green, Deepcut and Mytchett Hustings


Friday saw the second hustings event for Surrey Heath Parliamentary Candidates, following the AGM of the Mytchett, Frimley Green and Deepcut Society.

All seven candidates took part in the event, although Michael Gove had to leave after about 45 minutes as he had a memorial service for a long standing friend to attend.  The rest of us continued on for another hour.

The event was well run by the society, with everyone given the opportunity to prepare a question – names were then drawn at random and the panel given approximately a minute to answer.

Although some panel members frequently over ran their allotted time!

You can listen to the event, via the link below – with thanks to Paul Deach for recording the event.

The one thing that struck me afterwards was that in the hour and three quarters that we talked, there was not a single question on Europe or Immigration which was great as it gave me the chance to outline UKIP policies on planning, NHS, schools, defence, foreign aid, housing, local governance etc.

Who says we’re a two issue party!

So that’s two down, one to go. The final hustings is in a couple of weeks and is arranged by the Surrey Heath Youth Council.

Right, no time to sit here writing blogs – I’ve got newspapers to deliver.


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