If not blue then who?

Election Address Front

So far I have only received the Labour parliamentary candidate’s election address through the post; but I am aware from the number of calls, texts and emails of support that I’ve received, that my address has started to be delivered across the Borough too which is very exciting.

One point that was made on the aforementioned Labour address was that, since “there are twice as many Labour councillors in Surrey Heath than LibDems and UKIP combined”, this somehow translated into Labour being the “only real opposition to the Conservatives in Surrey Heath’.

I did chuckle when I read that.

Let me give you two, more recent, election results that will show why it is a laughable claim and why only UKIP has a chance of beating Mr Gove in Surrey Heath;

Firstly, the Euro elections from last year;
EU Elections

Hard to see from here anything other than UKIP challenging the Conservatives. The UKIP vote was 5% more than all the other votes (apart from Conservatives) put together.

Of course some may say that this is a UKIP-friendly election, as more than half the population currently want out of the EU, so let’s go back another year to the County Council elections;

County Council Elections 2013

Again, UKIP a clear second and finishing second in five of the six seats up for election, with more votes than Lib-Lab combined.

So, much as I dislike tactical voting, I think the message is clear that only UKIP has the support to challenge the Conservatives in this election.



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