Surrey Heath Youth Council Hustings

SHYC Candidates

Wednesday night saw the final Hustings event in Surrey Heath.  It took place at Camberley Theatre and was organised by the Surrey Heath Youth Council.

Six of the seven candidates took part, with only Michael Gove a no-show, although there was a stand-in.

In preparation for the event SHYC has asked their members what were the 5 key issues that they wanted answering, with the results as follows;

SHYC results

Bradley and Jonathan, the two chairmen, then asked a question on each of the main topics with candidates answering followed by a few minutes of discussion between the candidates.

For the first time in this election, timing was strictly controlled with each candidate given just one minute to answer.  To help those that needed to be reminded of the time (you know who you are), an iPad with a timer was used.  Other organisers should take note – this is how to run a Hustings event!

The whole thing was streamed live by Paul Deach on the internet via the Residents Network and also via Periscope to a live audience of nearly 400.  Many more will have watched the recording later – and you can too, HERE.

With time limited to an hour, we only managed to cover the first four issues on the list but that made for a lively debate and afterwards I spent a further half hour or so discussing topics with some of the SHYC members which I’ll report on separately.

The SHYC is a terrific initiative and this was a well organised event so credit to all of them for taking a genuine interest in politics – both local and national – and for arranging the session to give us all a chance to put our views across.

If you want to get involved with the Surrey Heath Youth Council our you know someone who does, just click the link.


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