Why I say #No2ECHR

barbed wire

So after my piece on Wednesday about the ECHR, I thought I’d reiterate why scrapping it is a good idea.

I mentioned the two main reasons in my last article;

  1. It puts control of the content of that law back into our hands. This is fundamentally why I disagree with the whole EU experiment and want us to leave – I want the ability to elect people who will make the laws that govern me.
  2. It will stop the European Court of Justice overruling our own Supreme Court and dictating to us.

To illustrate why the current ECHR is flawed and has become a criminals’ charter, I thought I’d remind you of a few stories I’ve spotted just from this year;

Foreign criminal can stay in Britain because he is an alcoholic

Free to walk London’s streets, the extremist preacher and ‘mentor’ of Jihadi John

Dozens avoiding deportation by claiming human right to family life in UK

EU rules foil bid to kick out African drug courier

Voting rights of 1,015 UK prisoners were breached, Strasbourg rule

The foreign paedophile we cannot deport – and his £350,000 bill for the taxpayer

You can read more of these in my on-line magazine #WhyIamOUT or from my Pinterest site.

The Daily Telegraph also covered the issue yesterday in this article.

Far from abandoning the UK’s commitment to human rights, David Cameron will finally right some dreadful wrongs with his British Bill of Rights.

But as I pointed out on Wednesday, he can’t change anything as long as we are members of the EU.

So if, like me, you say No2ECHR then, like me, you need to #VoteUKIP.


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