Green is the new black – for the UK anyway

coal power crop S

In the papers today is the sad news that the 2,000 MW Ferrybridge coal-fired power station is to close with the potential loss of 180 jobs.

As the UK continues its headlong rush to ‘renewables’ that only work intermittently, the UK’s coal-fired power stations and the associated jobs will come under increasing pressure from green taxes and EU environmental directives that will make these facilities unviable.

Instead we can expect to see land and seascapes fill up with wind turbines that work maybe 25% of the time and decrease in efficiency very very quickly requiring more to be built to take up the load.

It will take 4,000 wind turbines to replace the electricity generated by Ferrybridge – plus of course a 100% back-up gas-fired powers station standing ready for when the wind doesn’t blow.

Meanwhile China are building the equivalent of one new 1000 MW coal-fired power station every week.

What isn’t so well known is that this trend is also happening in Europe as Balkan countries (not beholden to EU laws) are planning to build a total of 14.82 GW of new coal power capacity and sell the cheap electricity to the EU.

In Germany too, their government – more reluctant to bathe in the ill-conceived “morally superior waters of sustainability”, as they recognise the detrimental impact it has on their industries – are relaxing previous emissions reduction targets to retain jobs and cheaper electricity.

So it’s one rule for the UK and one for the rest of the World – nice to know which side our British government is on.


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