India has the power

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Following my recent article about the use of coal and how European energy prices and energy intensive businesses are suffering as a result of EU emissions targets and green blob taxes, I read two more articles on the use of coal in India.

Their Minister for State for Power, Coal and New & Renewable Energy Piyush Goyal stated at a recent meeting that;

“it will not be fair to expect [India] to move away from coal to meet energy requirements of millions of Indians”.

He went on to say;

“The developed world, which has over the last 150 years enjoyed this low cost [coal] power for its own growth and prosperity must share this responsibility and come forward proactively in a much deeper engagement with the developing countries.”

By which he means, it was OK for the western world to become developed and prosperous using coal so we’re damn well going to do the same – and why shouldn’t he?

In a second ‘doom and gloom’ article from Bloomberg tagged with “India is adding 2.5 times as much coal capacity as the U.S. is closing”, the extent of coal investment in Asia is highlighted with 205 GW of coal-fired power planned in the next five years alone – which does make the closure of our 2 GW plant recently seem rather pointless from an environmental standpoint at least.

But they make the same point that burning coal is a proven way to lift hundreds of millions of people out of poverty and so why wouldn’t the Indian government, serving the Indian people, do what is right for them first and foremost?


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