Red light for Green Projects?

27th November

Well maybe an amber light, but as this article in Energy Voice notes, the Queen’s speech contained some good news for those of us opposed to the proliferation of wind farms at the expense of our beautiful countryside and seaside (and selfishly on my part, the British Oil Industry).

“The UK aims to maximize domestic oil and gas production and curb the spread of onshore wind farms”

Is the claim along with the statement that;

“One of the main benefits of the bill is ‘maximizing the economic recovery of offshore oil and gas reserves, prolonging the life of the basin and helping to ensure our energy security’.”

For those facing a life blighted by monstrous windmills there is also reason to be cheerful;

“It will also remove the need for the energy secretary to approve onshore wind farms over 50 megawatts, in effect transferring consenting powers to local authorities in England and Wales.”

Some hope then for at least a 5-year hiatus on pointless wind power – perhaps by 2020, when there will have been no global warming for over 23 years, people will realise what a con this has been.  Perhaps.



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