Here, in a nutshell is what is wrong with the European Union experiment and why Great Britain will be Better Off Out

gas ring

This is a very interesting and revealing article about a recent EU Energy Security Strategy that has failed to gain support within the European Parliament.  For some years the EU has attempted to control the energy business within Europe – initially under the guise of being ‘green’ but more recently to stop over-reliance on Russia.

As a couple of my Polish friends have commented before, they see the EU no differently to Russia in its controlling aims and find it hugely ironic that the EU advocates setting up an energy policy under the control of a single entity (the EU) to reduce the reliance on energy from a single entity (Russia).

In their rejection of this proposal, are we seeing the first cracks in the utopian one-size-fits-all belief of Europhile MEPs?

As the article points out;

“The votes against spanned the entire political spectrum, but for very different reasons. Sadly, not even EPP group members supported their own rapporteur Algirdas Saudargas, as they mostly abstained or voted down his proposal.”

Some of the most harsh criticism of the strategy came from Confederal Group of the European United Left – Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) group who said;

“We oppose the European energy security strategy since it serves private interests, enhances inequalities, limits the sovereignty of states and fails to combat energy poverty … It proposed the continuous updating of the commission from the outset and its participation in the negotiations for intergovernmental agreements. This proposal limits the sovereignty of states and restricts national flexibility in forming efficient and multidimensional interstate energy relations”.

So what else is new?  This is what the EU is driving towards – an elimination of national sovereignty. Of course the GUE/ NGL group objected strongly to the use of nuclear power and wanted more focus on renewables (neither of which I subscribe to in the current climate).

Ashley Fox the Conservative MEP for the South West summed up the situation well;

“If we are to achieve energy security we need to use all of the tools available to us, including shale gas and nuclear energy. It is entirely the prerogative of member states to decide upon their energy mix, and the EU should not interfere.”

Exactly. However that is not the EU way.

Outside of the EU we will be free to put in place our own energy security plans outwith the control of Brussels – just one of the reasons why we’d be Better Off Out.


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