Global warming? Met Office issues warning that temperatures could plummet


As client sceptics have been saying for years, the sun is a massive influence on our climate and on global temperatures. Something the IPCC have refused to acknowledge.

However, a recent Met office report stated;

Britain could be on the verge of a mini Ice Age as the Sun enters a cooler phase.

So even though we continue to pump more CO2 into the atmosphere than ever before and most of the CO2 in the atmosphere has been put there in the past few years, there has been NO global warming for more than 18 years and now we’re being told;

Met Office’s Hadley Centre, which looks at long term forecasts, said there was a 15-20 per cent chance that we could match the temperatures last seen in 1645-1715 – sometimes called the Little Ice Age – when the River Thames froze over.

So, aren’t you glad successive governments have taxed you to the tune of thousands of pounds and blighted our beautiful countryside with windmills.


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