Maps reveal how EVs can be WORSE for the environment than gas-guzzling vehicles

_Red lorry yellow lorry

Having just come back from a holiday in California it was interesting to see the big promotion of electric vehicles and zero emissions. One bus company proudly had graphics on the side of their electric buses that they were ‘zero emission’ – really?  So that massive power station a few miles away that provides the electricity for those buses produces zero emissions does it?

No, of course not. It’s just another green con.

I read an article recently in the Daily Mail that reports on analysis of the impact of electric vehicles versus gas (gasoline) fuelled. It’s quite an interesting read…

They have been hailed as the environmentally-friendly solution to getting around towns and cities.
But new research has found electric cars have an overall impact on pollution that may be worse than gas-guzzling vehicles.

The reason of course is that someone, somewhere needs to generate the electricity in the first place.

The study looked at US vehicle emissions on a county-level to map where gas cars and electric vehicles cause the most damage. In some areas the impact of charging up EVs overnight does more harm to the environment than going to the petrol station.

Meanwhile, the US continues to pay a $7,500 subsidy per car to encourage people to ‘go green’.


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