Global Coal Use Growing Faster Than Any Other Energy

coal burning s

As Europe (with the UK at its spearhead) and other western nations continue to blight landscapes with windfarms, drive people into fuel poverty with green taxes to subsidise the gross cost of the aforementioned wind farms, ignore the tremendous impact on bird and bat populations of these giant bird macerators and stifle business across the continent with disproportionately high energy costs that are driving companies to leave our shores there comes a report that tells us;

Over the last decade, global coal use grew by 968 million tonnes of oil equivalent. That is 4 times faster than renewables, 2.8 times faster than oil and 50 per cent faster than gas.

This increase is despite global vilification of coal as a means of power generation. It also highlights the futility of western governments attempting to price hydrocarbon fuels out of the European energy market in the name of global warming. All this is doing is driving our companies out of business due to high energy costs and handing profit and growth to other parts of the World.

China will add 450 gigawatts of coal fired power over the next 25 years. That’s 40 per cent larger than the entire US coal fleet.

As for renewables replacing coal;

The third claim is that renewable energy is capable of replacing fossil fuels, including coal.

Not likely. In 2014, if the world had relied on renewable energy like wind, solar and biomass for primary energy, then the world would have had just 9 days of heat, light and artificial horsepower.

The green folly continues unabated in Europe.





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