Low paid immigrants are not net contributors


The immigration debate rages on, but despite the seemingly obvious statement that heads this article some people still refuse to accept the facts.

This article takes a simple view of economics involved.

Of course the same logic applies to all low-paid individuals so why single out immigrants?

Well, because with 1 million people unemployed and many more employed part-time or on zero hours contracts there is surely sufficient labour available within the UK to fill the lower paid positions. Taking people that are currently resident in the UK off of benefits and helping them improve their lives must be a priority over offering more low paid work to people from the EU and beyond.

And let me make it clear here – my beef is not with the immigrants themselves. If I were in their position and opportunities such as those in the UK were available to me, I would do the same.

The issue is with the open-door policy that we are forced to adopt as part of our EU membership and the fact that it leaves our government unable to support the needs of those currently resident in the UK as a priority.


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