Surrey Heath – a nice place to bring up kids

After John Howcroft

Back after a summer recess , and as immigration seems to be a hot topic at the moment I wanted to mention a couple of articles I spotted in the last couple of days.

Firstly this one in the Daily Mail which talks about some of the nicest places in the UK to bring up kids.

Interesting to me on three counts – firstly, 4th place was Winchester which is where our daughter is studying at University. Secondly because one area of the South East that made it into the top twenty was Tonbridge and Malling, where I grew up, and thirdly because also in the top twenty was Surrey Heath.

It’s nice to know we are living in a desirable area, I wonder if this report will have any impact on house prices!


Perhaps related to the above (or perhaps not), I also read with interest this article in Get Surrey who had undertaken some analysis of the recently published immigration figures and reported that there was a 37.6% rise in the number of foreign workers moving to Surrey as a whole over the past twelve months. The numbers were 11,557, up from 8,396 the previous year.

Further analysis showed that Surrey Heath saw the biggest rise in people coming in from abroad with a 51.6% increase from 459 to 696, although in absolute terms 696 is the second lowest in the County.

It’s difficult to assess the significance of this number in isolation without knowing, for example, the total number of NI numbers given to people in Surrey Heath. Nor is it clear if the 696 all moved into the area from outside or are perhaps children / spouses of families already living in the borough – probably a bit of both.

Either way 696 is a small percentage of the total population of Surrey Heath, although if you imagine that half of the people were from outside, that’s roughly 200 homes required for them to live in. Equivalent to one sixth of the PRB Deepcut development. If you factor in other people moving to the borough and an increase in working population from within the borough you can begin to understand why there is such a demand for houses and flats throughout Surrey Heath and why so many planning applications being presented.




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