Ready Steady No!


For months people have been preparing literature, web sites, promotional articles on social media etc. to advocate a ‘No’ vote whenever the referendum comes.

Then on Tuesday the electoral commission threw a curve ball by stating that the planned question;

“Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union?”

could be perceived as biased towards the status quo and proposed adding the words;

“or leave the European Union?”

So rather than a Yes / No vote we will now be having a Remain / Leave vote.

I think it’s a fairer approach but do feel a tad sorry for those that have be working on the notion of ‘No’, in particular the people from who have developed a brand based on the NO in “The know”.

Here’s my suggestion for a campaign slogan;


You can find lots of reasons why we’d be better off out of the EU in my online magazine #WhyIamOUT.


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