The EU Propaganda War Begins


While the ‘In’ campaign (or perhaps we should call it the “remain” campaign now) may not yet have really got going, the EU is doing its bit with paid-for promoted ads on Twitter – a good use of your money do you think?

Two ads in two days so far this week (click to enlarge).

1st  2nd

The second one amused me as it was immediately followed by a link to a Daniel Hannan article stating that we MUST leave the EU to save Britain.

What was even more amusing were the replies to the ads, as you can see below (click to enlarge);

1st reply  2nd reply

Oh and by the way – did you know that the EU spends more on marketing and promotion than Coca Cola?

A propaganda machine greater than any other in history.

You can find lots of reasons why we’d be better off out of the EU in my online magazine #WhyIamOUT.


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