Surrey MPs Side With Cam On Referendum Purdah Vote

So it’s three strikes for Cameron in his EU referendum plans;

yes no

First the Electoral Commission decreed that the original question was biased in favour of ‘In’ and recommended changing the wording to make it more balanced.

Then he conceded yesterday to set a minimum 4 month notice period for the referendum to prevent a snap vote being called, in an attempt to appease potential rebel MPs.

Finally, last night he was defeated in the purdah vote thanks to 37 rebel MPs who took a principled stance to ensure a fairer and more balanced campaign.

You can see the list of 37 MPs who voted against the government HERE.

The usual suspects are present such as Peter Bone, Bill Cash, David Davis, Owen Paterson and John Redwood but you’ll also notice that there’s not one Surrey MP amongst them.

It’s clear where their loyalties (and principles) lie.

With news that the Leave vote is now ahead in the polls, things are looking good at the moment in the euro-sceptic garden.

Believe? Be Leave!


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