Review of school place availability in Surrey Heath


I saw an interesting article on the Get Surrey website recently about school places and the level of interest in some schools over others. From the link you can look at all the Boroughs in Surrey, here are the tables for us in Surrey Heath;

Primary school places

The total stats for our infant schools were as follows;

Applications 2659
Places 1045
Applicants per place 2.5
Percent 1st preferences successful 91%
Number who missed out on 1st Preference 104*


Secondary school places

For secondary schools the results were;

Applications 2026
Places 883
Applicants per place 2.3
Percent 1st preferences successful 85%
Number who missed out on 1st Preference 151*

(* this assumes that where not all 1st Preference applicants were successful all those that were, had chosen that particular school as 1st preference)

Comparing Surrey Heath to the rest of the County, we seem to be better off than many in terms of the percentage of first preferences getting the place they want. That will of course be no consolation to those 255 students who didn’t get their chosen school.


Perhaps a little more concerning to note is that there seems to be 15% fewer secondary school places than Primary school – that’s 162 places. It’s possible that a number of families may choose to home-school their children after primary school but I can’t believe it is as many as 162.

Looking across Surrey as a whole the picture is broadly similar, in fact county-wide there are about 14% fewer secondary school places.

Places shortage

And while Surrey Heath is by no means the worst (Woking have only enough secondary school places for 72.5% of primary school children) we are 7th out of the eleven Boroughs when it comes to availability.

During the General Election, it was pointed out to all the candidates that there were currently no problems with secondary school place availability in Surrey Heath, that is clearly something that is going to change in the coming years. One hopes that the County Council and our local schools have the necessary plans in place.


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