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I’ve seen a few statistics floating around on Twitter recently about population density so I did a bit of research so see how various countries compare.

England has a population of around 53m in an area of approx. 50,000 square miles so that’s a population density of just over 1,000 people per square mile.

Compare this to Saudi Arabia; Population 28m land area 830,000 square miles, density 34 people per square mile.

To put this in to perspective, if three quarters of the population of Africa relocated to Saudi Arabia it would then have the same population density as England. Of course this is somewhat far-fetched as there are areas of Saudi Arabia that are pretty uninhabitable.

So let’s bring it closer to home – France; Population 63m, land area 213,000 square miles, density 295 people per square mile.  If the entire populations of Germany, Portugal and Spain moved to France it would still have a lower population density than England.

Take Germany, you would need to increase the population there from 82m to 145m to match our density. Italy would have to more than double its 60m population to match.

Closer to home Scotland has a density of 174 people per square mile so it would take a six-fold increase in the population to match England. Wales and Northern Ireland would need to treble their populations.

And if you’re wondering what 1,000 people per square mile is like – well, it’s almost like living in Surrey Heath where we have a population density of 914.


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