Euroscepticism sweeps across Europe

euro crisis

Two countries at either end of the EU experiment – literally and figuratively – have both rejected the rule of the EU in the past week.

First Portugal, where the group of Eurosceptic, anti-austerity Left wing parties agreed to form a coalition to take over and lead the country. It goes without saying that the EU masters weren’t having any of it and, for the moment at least, refuse to allow this group to be recognised. The incumbent leadership, now beholden to the EU after taking billions in bail-out money have pledged to remain in power and run a minority government in the interests of stability.

Not in the interests of the people who democratically elected their socialist rivals, but in the interests of the EU.

Then, over the weekend in the Polish general election, the Eurosceptic right wing party won an outright majority. The first time that any party has won outright in Poland since their first free elections in 1989. Again the winners are an anti-EU party, which is interesting given that people imagine Poland has having benefitted significantly from its membership of the EU.

In fact, in large part, the opposite is true. While it is correct that the EU (with our money) have spent billions on infrastructure projects across Poland – roads, rail, airports etc. – in order to ingratiate themselves with the Polish people, the fact remains that large numbers of skilled and upwardly mobile people – such as doctors, nurses, IT professionals etc, have upped and left for a better life in countries like Germany and the UK. Most of us will have heard, if not first-hand then certainly anecdotally, of Polish tradesman such as builders, plumbers, electricians also making their way further west to live and work too.

What this does is cause a massive ‘brain drain’ in Poland leaving their health services and other industries in trouble and even basic trades in deficit.

The other interesting point about the two cases above is that it shows the anti-EU parties are not confined to one side of politics. Both left and right are seeing the negative impacts of EU rule, the loss of sovereignty, the inability to manage their own finances, the open door migration policies and are starting to realise that this is not the utopian idyll that was promised but a dystopian crony-capitalist political power grab.



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