Another new venture for the EU to meddle in


Here is another example of why the EU should only exist as a trading bloc and have nothing to do with individual country sovereignty and law.

As reported in this article,

“The European Commission has indicated it will publish guidelines on dealing with the sharing economy sector.”

What is the sharing economy sector?  Well according to the article it covers companies such as Uber and Airbnb that are handled differently in different countries – in some they are legal, in others they are illegal.

As usual the EU wants to tell us what to do and

“provide information on how member states should regulate these industries”

With a view to

“a single approach to the shared economy”

Why?  Different countries have different needs and for some the ‘sharing economy’ may be undesirable. For others it may be highly desirable.

At the moment this is being dressed up as guidance but according to the article;

“The Commission does not intend any new legislation at this point (my emphasis) . . . They will also examine whether current regulations are sufficient . . . however [they] will also assess whether there are regulatory gaps and how they need to be addressed.”

So, more EU laws to come then.

As an aside to this . . . and something that often goes unnoticed . . . did you see in the above that countries are not referred to as countries but “member states” – the Commission’s own rhetoric refuses to recognise national identity but rather sees us all as parts of a United States of Europe – which is, after all, their ultimate goal.


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