We are on a wild ride to political union


In recent days, a friend of mine has sent through three really interesting articles written by Conservative MP for Wokingham, John Redwood. I thought I’d pick out the highlights for you in this and the next couple of posts.

Firstly a response to the PM’s letter to one of the EU Presidents, Donald Tusk;

“The very deed of having to write a letter to Donald Tusk about how we chose to govern the UK should alert UK voters to the profound change in our democracy and constitution put through by stealth in various EU Treaties.”

Absolutely John – we are now so beholden to the EU that we have to write a letter to them to ask their permission to change how we govern ourselves.

“Today’s letter will fall well short of the noble aim to restore democratic accountability through national Parliaments.”

Because the EU doesn’t recognise national Parliaments as the final arbiter of law, but rather sees each ‘Member State’ as it calls them, as just that – components of a United States of Europe – of which the EU itself is the governing power.

“That means that we will need to vote to leave the EU to get back control of our own affairs.”

Don’t be fooled into thinking that any reforms the PM may obtain will make any substantive difference to the current situation.

“We are on a wild ride to political union, though the UK has never wanted that or consented.”


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