Influence – what influence?

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In this article from the Express we learn UK government votes fail to block a single European Union measure.

The Government and the other “In” groups continue to try and tell us that outside the EU we’ll have no influence while inside it we do (and will continue to do so). But from the above article originally published last summer you can read that this is utter nonsense.

“Government votes failed to block a single European Union measure during David Cameron’s first five years in office”

It goes on to spell this out more clearly (my emphasis);

“In decisive votes where regulations and decisions were being finally adopted between 2010 and this year, the UK voted No 23 times and abstained 18 times, the new research shows. In each case the measure went through anyway, often with potential to cost British taxpayers billions.”

Of course this isn’t really surprising when UK citizens are hopelessly under-represented in the European Parliament compared to those from the smaller EU member states.

In fact we have the fewest number of MEPs per head of ANY country in the EU;

We have 73 MEPs for a population of just over 64m people, that’s equivalent to 1.1 MEP per million of population.

Belgium has 22 MEPs for a population of just over 11m people, that’s 2 MEPs per million of population – twice the influence that we have.

But it gets far worse;

Ireland has 2.6 MEPs per million of population,
Slovenia and Lithuania 4 MEPs per million,
Cyprus nearly 5.5 MEPs per million,
Luxembourg 11 MEPs per million and
Malta a staggering 14.3 MEPs per million of population.

So the Maltese people have 13-times more influence than you do in the European Parliament.

To put this another way; the 15 smallest countries in the EU have a combined population of just over 61m people (close to the UK) but together they wield the power of 173 MEPs against our 73.

Influence? What influence?


One response to “Influence – what influence?

  1. I would recommend that the boy dave directs the time he spent getting a useless EU “renegotiation” on more profitable avenues – such as ….. getting the EU parliament to stop passing any more dictats until Britain is fairly represented with MEP’s in the EU Parliament – and (at the very least) has the same number of MEP’s per million of population as Malta does, and for good measure – that the extra MEP’s are all “purple” ones.


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