EU Overturns Scottish Government Proposal On Alcohol Pricing

Reported on the BBC web site, the EU determines that Scottish Parliament plans to introduce minimum alcohol pricing are contrary to EU law.


The question of whether minimum pricing will reduce alcohol consumption is certainly a topic for debate, but the elected members of the Scottish parliament clearly felt that it would have a positive impact on Scotland.

However the EU disagrees and says that they can’t set a minimum price.

The precise wording of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling has been the subject of some debate, with people claiming that the ruling did not mean plans for minimum unit pricing (MUP) in Scotland should be scrapped.

The EU and ECJ have a different opinion as this article spells out clearly;

The Court was clear – MUP is contrary to EU law if less restrictive measures are available, which the Court suggests to be the case.

The judges agreed that MUP significantly restricts the market, impacting trade and competition. It is likely now to be difficult for the Scottish government to prove in the Scottish courts that MUP will achieve its aims.

Just one more example of the EU (with the assistance of lobbying efforts by drinks multinationals) running roughshod over the wishes of elected members acting in the interests of the people they represent.

It’s time to change that . . . Vote Leave . . . Believe In Britain.


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