Is the EU a great seat of learning?


One argument that is made by the remain camp is that our Universities will suffer if we leave the EU as they get funding and benefit from our membership.

Firstly, in terms of University income, funding from the EU is just 2.6% so hardly catastrophic.

Secondly, the EU has no money – it’s OUR money.  These Universities need to realise they are being bribed with their own money.

Thirdly, do our Universities really believe that the only reason they get this money is because we are in the EU?  Are they not awarded funding because they have top class professors? Because they attract the best research students? Because they have the best facilities? Because UK Universities have a reputation as being some of the best in the World?

THOSE are the reasons they gain funding. If the EU is a great benefit for its Universities then how do they fair against the rest of the World?

Well, according to the QS World University Rankings;

  • Four of the top ten Universities in the World are from the UK and 10 of the top 50.
  • The rest of the EU combined only manage two of the top fifty (23rd and 40th).
  • In fact the second best performing European country is Switzerland which isn’t an EU member.

That is no endorsement of the EU as a supporter and promoter of Universities.

Another Remainian myth busted.



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