Right to safety must not come at the expense of other human rights

barbed wire

In light of the terror attacks in Paris – it’s interesting to read the EU’s opinion on collective safety versus individual rights.

This article is well worth a read.

I know a lot of people dislike the idea of;

“passenger name records, data mining, surveillance practices”

and see this as an infringement of civil liberties – but on balance I would consider having a nutter stand in front of me with a Kalashnikov more of a threat to my liberty than knowing that someone from MI5 has just read a text from me saying “Hello dear, just leaving the office now, what do you want for dinner?”.

Then there is;

“The proposal to put returning foreign fighters in administrative detention brings up serious human rights concerns. It is a pre-emptive punitive measure during which suspects don’t have access to evidence against them, and therefore can’t organise their defence. Without due substantive rights for detainees as well as time limitations, and without judicial review, this measure is worrying.”

Personally, I find the idea that someone who has volunteered to be trained and been rewarded for murdering in the name of their religion returning to a country that is full of the sorts of people they have been happily trying to eradicate, far more of a worry.

But since when did the EU really represent the people it governs.

#VoteLeave #BetterOffOut


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