A vote for IN is a vote for a European Army


A vote to Remain is a vote for a European army – as this article clearly shows.

In the article (from last summer) we see members of the European Parliament openly calling for the creation of an EU army with the headline “Russia situation shows need for EU defence union”, following a debate about Russia and its invasion of Ukraine.

One of the EU project’s staunchest supporters is Guy Verhofstadt (leader of the parliament’s Liberal grouping);

Verhofstadt welcomed the extension, but said, “First, Europe should speed up its defence cooperation. We need a European defence union with European integrated military forces.”

European integrated military forces – AKA a European army.

“Second, we should make it very clear that we are not in a dispute with the Russian people, but in a dispute with Putin. To strengthen our relationship with the Russian citizens, we should strengthen our cooperation in the field of art, student exchange programmes and visa cooperation.”

Mr Verhofstadt seems totally oblivious to the fact that the problems in Ukraine were caused by the EU ‘tapping up’ the people of the Ukraine in just the sorts of ways he describes, which led them to rise up against their democratically elected government and, as a result, spark Russia’s intervention into Crimea.

Now he wants to try and create the same havoc and potential civil unrest in Russia itself.

Buoyed by the rhetoric of Verhofstadt;

Fellow Belgian Liberal MEP Hilde Vautmans added her voice to Verhofstadt’s, saying, “Due to the changed security environment and budgetary restraints of EU member states, it’s necessary for the European council steps up its efforts and create a real European defence strategy.”

So EU failures in ensuring security and prosperity for its member states means they can now justify an EU Army.

We can’t do anything to stop this if we remain part of the EU but #IfWeLeaveWeCan.


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