Greater Competition for Jobs In Surrey

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Here’s an article from back last summer about increasing numbers of people coming to Surrey from overseas to live and seek work.

“Some 11,557 adults from overseas were given national insurance (NI) numbers in the county from April 1 2014 to March 31 2015.  That was a rise of 37.6% on the 8,396 foreign workers given documentation in the previous 12 months.”

There’s no doubt that we are short of people with certain skills, and services such as the NHS would really struggle without the influx of overseas doctors and nurses, but figures of this magnitude and the rate of increase – Surrey Heath saw a 52% rise from the previous year – mean it is virtually impossible to plan what local services and infrastructure will be required and have them in place when the need arises.

“The figure for 2014-15 was, therefore, a significant increase and the highest number for any period the DWP has recorded.”

As a starter, 11,557 people will require homes in the County which puts massive pressure on Councils to allow building on greenbelt land in order to meet the needs.

Immigration is a good thing for Britain, as it has always been, but it needs to be managed so that we can attract the best and the brightest from around the world to fill the skills gaps that exist without putting unsustainable pressure on infrastructure, housing, schools, GP surgeries and the like as a result of having an open door to millions of people from the EU.

The only way we can regain the ability to manage the immigration situation is to Leave the EU.

Vote Leave on 23rd June.




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