Daily Debrief March 30th

Some on-point thoughts from Roger Helmer MEP this morning;

Roger Helmer MEP

Port Talbot – a victim of the EU

The decision of Tata to sell off the Port Talbot steelworks is a disaster for the workers and for the town.  It is also a direct result of EU polices.  We need to see it in context.  Port Talbot is merely the latest closure.  All over Europe, energy-intensive businesses are closing.  Steel; aluminium; petroleum refining; chemicals and fertilisers; glass and ceramics.  Jobs are being lost.  Investment is moving offshore, in search of cheaper energy and more realistic regulatory regimes.

As I said in yesterday’s Debrief. there are three main reasons for the Port Talbot closure, and they all result from EU policies: Energy Costs; Anti-Dumping measures; and Short-term state aid.

It is sickening to see Anna Soubry, Minister of State for Small Business, Industry and Enterprise, in the media insisting that “the government is doing all it can”, when she knows…

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