50 Questions for the Remain Camp


If you think a vote to Leave is a risk, what will staying in mean for Britain by 2021?  50 questions for the Remains (PDF version 50 Questions if you want to download it);

  1. How many £billions will we have contributed to the EU budget that could have been better spent in the UK?
  2. Currently 65% of our laws are superseded by EU law, how much higher will that be in 2021?
  3. The EU Five Presidents’ Report 2015 set out plans for ‘fiscal and political union’, ‘further pooling of decision-making on national budgets’, and harmonisation of ‘insolvency law’, ‘company law’, ‘property rights’ and ‘social security systems.’ It made clear that these things were to be pursued as ‘single market measures’, applying to all 28 states not just those in the euro. What % of UK laws will these new EU regulations supersede and how much will this cost the UK?
  4. Criminal convictions for EU migrants rose 40% in the last five years, how much higher will this figure be in 2021?
  5. European Court judges have recently overruled UK tax laws resulting in £7.2bn in rebates to multinational corporations which will be funded by UK taxpayers. Will the Treasury lose any of the other ongoing tax cases at the European Court of Justice, estimated to amount to another £35.6 billion in rebates?
  6. Under EU plans to harmonise VAT, what will the EU-imposed VAT rates be on food, children’s clothes and medicine and how much will this cost an average household?
  7. Will the EU proposal to tax petrol to fund immigration and asylum programmes be up and running?
  8. How many other cities in the UK will bring in congestion charging, in line with EU proposals?
  9. The UK has not managed to block a single proposal placed in front of the EU Council from becoming law, failing on 72 occasions, with the resulting laws costing £2.4bn per year. How many more laws will be passed that are not in the UK interests but which we are compelled to adopt and unable to stop?
  10. How much more flooding will the UK experience as a result of EU restrictions on the dredging of rivers which has been a traditional means of flood prevention in this Country for more than 100 years?3 flooded fields
  11. Most people consider the export of live animals for slaughter unacceptable but we cannot stop this under EU rules. How many millions of animals will be exported from the UK and driven hundreds of miles to be slaughtered elsewhere in the EU by 2021?
  12. How many more millions of EU citizens will have moved to the UK for work?
  13. What will the impact of this increase be on housing availability and prices?
  14. How much longer will we have to wait for a doctor’s appointment as a result?
  15. By how much more will A&E targets be missed, as a result of increased need and lack of funding?
  16. How much greater will the average school class size be due to immigration of families from EU?
  17. How much less likely will it be that families will get their first choice schools due to over demand?
  18. How much further will wage growth have been suppressed as a result of over-supply in the labour market?
  19. How many £millions will be paid in child benefit to children living elsewhere in the EU?
  20. How many UK troops will be part of an EU army?ambulances
  21. How many jobs will be lost as a result of TTIP?
  22. What % of the NHS will be bought up by US corporations thanks to TTIP?
  23. With more and more schools becoming Academies, what % of our schools will be bought and run by US corporations thanks to TTIP?
  24. How many of the millions of economic migrants from North Africa and the Middle East, that have been allowed into the EU in the last couple of years, will have been given EU passports?
  25. How many of these will come to Britain looking for work?
  26. What percentage of the 77million Turkish population will move to Britain seeking work when they are granted fast-track access this summer?
  27. Every other continent on the planet (apart from Antarctica) is experiencing better growth than Europe, for how long will this continue?
  28. While the rest of the World continues to grow and prosper, how many £bn of trade will UK companies miss out on, as we are unable to secure bi-lateral trade agreements with growing nations such as India, China, US and the Commonwealth?
  29. Six of the 28 EU Commissioners are former members of the Communist Party, do you see that % increasing by 2021?
  30. Research grants to UK Universities from the EU account for 2.6% of University income, do you see this figure changing significantly?money down the drain2
  31. The UK port industry believes new EU Ports Services Regulations, which government has stated would be harmful to the UK’s ports, could have serious negative consequences for job creation and investment. How badly affected will our ports be by this regulation?
  32. The EU share of global GDP was 30% in 1980, it’s now 16%, how much lower will it be in 2021?
  33. UK exports to the EU have fallen steadily since 2004, currently 44%, how much lower will it be in 2021?
  34. Will Greece require a further bail-out and how many £bn of that will be funded by the UK?
  35. How many other EU Countries will require bailing out, and how many £bn will we have to pay?
  36. How many drug dealers, rapists and murderers from EU nations will we have to allow in to the UK under EU Freedom of Movement rules?
  37. How many drug dealers, rapists and murderers will we be unable to deport thanks to EU imposed Human Rights Legislation?
  38. Only 5% of British companies trade with the EU, how much better off and more competitive could the other 95% have been if they were not subject to EU bureaucracy?
  39. How big a boost to jobs and trade could that have brought?
  40. Two thirds of UK commercial services exports go to Countries outside the EU, how much better off and more competitive could they have been if they were not subject to EU bureaucracy?people 7
  41. How much of a boost to the UK economy and jobs could have resulted from regaining control of the UK territorial fishing waters which make up 69% of all EU waters, but which we currently are only allocated 13% of the fish from?
  42. How many terrorists will travel freely into Britain thanks to EU Freedom of Movement rules?
  43. Will we be victims of a terror attack conducted by EU citizens that have travelled freely into Britain thanks to EU Freedom of Movement rules?
  44. In 2001 the EU attracted 45% of global foreign investment. In 2010 it was 23%. How much lower will the figure be in 2021?
  45. Bosnia has begun the process of entering the EU. How many of the 43% of the population that are unemployed do you expect to come to the UK?
  46. When will proposed EU powers to vet all energy deals come in to force?
  47. What new charges will the EU have levied on waste disposal?
  48. How many more jobs will be lost in the Steel industry and other energy-intensive businesses as a result of EU energy policies and the fact that the Government are not allowed to offer assistance to ailing companies under EU state aid rules?
  49. The EU is planning to introduce a ‘Social Union’ that will see it standardise pensions, benefits and the minimum wage. Jeremy Corbyn has already stated that he wants to see the UK in this Social Union. How much will this cost the UK?
  50. The EU is ready to repeal the Dublin Convention that allows member states to return illegal migrants to other EU states through which they have passed. It will make any new deal contingent on accepting refugee quotas. How many thousands of refugees will the UK be forced to take under this new system between now and 2021?

Surely a vote to remain is a leap into the dark.

As FDR said, “Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”. Vote Leave on 23rd June.

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