Safer Out


As the Remain camp continue with their fantasy that we’re safer inside the EU, today’s Telegraph exposes the truth that being in the EU prevents us from deporting some of the most vicious criminals that have been convicted in recent years;

Murderers, rapists and violent offenders from across Europe have been able to remain in Britain after their crimes, the Justice Minister will say on Tuesday as he reveals a dossier of 50 offenders who have used EU rules to avoid deportation.

The article continues;

British families are “at risk” because European courts are refusing to allow UK judges to deport dangerous and violent criminals back to EU countries.

So what is the EU doing about keeping its citizens safe?

Well, according to VoteLeave research, EU institutions spend more on propaganda than on counter-terrorism;

In the 2016 budget, the EU institutions allocated €261,978,418 to combating terrorism, but paid out at least €281,964,396 on ‘communications’.

In 2016, there are 1,021 members of staff in the European Commission working in the Directorate General for Communications. By contrast, just 392 staff worked in the Directorate General for Migration and Home Affairs, only one of whose responsibilities is counter-terrorism (European Commission, 2016).

So on June 23rd you have a choice – vote for the bureaucracy, vote for free movement of criminals, vote for propaganda . . . or #VoteLeave.



One response to “Safer Out

  1. vote for a stronger, safer britain, more prosperous and democratic – all this can only come by LEAVING the EU More at the website link


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