It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day


WOW – what a 24 (+) hours.

As I type I’ve been up for 27 hours.

This is a momentous day, not just for the UK or even for Europe, but the whole World.

In Surrey Heath we had a much closer contest (winning 51-49%) than other parts but every vote counted and so I’m delighted with what was achieved.

After 20 hours of leaflet delivering in three days, plus 9 hours telling followed by three hours of Getting Out The Vote I’m comfortable that I did my bit – but it was far less than many across Surrey Heath, and across Surrey.

To those that delivered 2000+ leaflets, those that spent hours canvassing voters, those that have spent YEARS (far more than me) campaigning in times when UKIP were polling 2-3-4%, those that set aside Party differences for a common goal, and those that took on the challenge of leading the Surrey Heath LEAVE vote – I SALUTE YOU.

All of that is now vindicated and how proud you should be.

Now we can look forward to engaging with the World, trading and dealing and governing ourselves.


I’ll finish by thanking all of you for what you’ve done, thanking the Great British public for seeing through Project Fear and raising a glass to a prosperous and outward looking future for all of us.










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