So what does the future hold? Part II

So that’s the Country sorted. Now what about UKIP?

A3 Poster -Believe In Britain

Choice for Party leader is an interesting one. With Paul Nuttall deciding not to stand it puts Steven Woolfe as the favourite ahead of fellow MEPs Bill Etheridge and Jonathan Arnott with Councillor Lisa Duffy as the outsider of the four.

I don’t know Lisa or Jonathan very well but I’ve spoken with Bill a couple of times. Of course Steven has the higher profile as UKIP Immigration spokesman. Both Bill and Steven would make excellent leaders – they are calm, non-confrontational, eloquent and good in front of a camera. It will be difficult choice but whichever way it goes we will be in a strong position.

But what for, you might ask – surely UKIP have achieved their aims?

Well, we achieved what a lot of people thought was impossible and that was to get a Referendum on the EU, then we repeated the feat by securing a Leave vote. But although Theresa May has started her tenure as PM looking like she will honour the vote of the majority of British people and take us out of the EU, UKIP (as the only committed ‘Leave’ party) need to be around to make sure she does.

As a Party still with MEPs, we can continue to report back on the nonsense that goes in in Brussels and Strasbourg and expose the failing EU Project for what it is. That will continue for as long as we’re still in the EU.

But in recent years we’ve seen a marked shift in support for UKIP from a traditional Euro-sceptic Conservative base, to people who previously had no previous interest in politics (like me) but were drawn to the common sense approach of our policies. And more recently still we see the Labour Party completely losing touch with its traditional base of supporters – the working class – and instead becoming a mouthpiece for champagne socialists and media luvvies at one end, and the outraged and perpetually ‘offended’ left-wing students at the other. This presents a real opportunity for us to pick up votes and Parliamentary seats not just in the traditional blue south but also in the red north east and north west.

Then of course, ElCom are still investigating a number of potentially fraudulent election expenses scandals from the last General Election (just when we thought we’d heard the last of MPs and expenses), and this could very well lead to a number of election results being declared void and by-elections being held. We have a genuine opportunity here to get a few more UKIP MPs into Parliament.

Finally, we have the County Council elections next May. This provides people with another chance to Vote UKIP and we have good number of excellent candidates and elected Councillors who will be looking for your vote so that UKIP can represent you and your voice in local decision making.

The future is indeed bright – the future is Purple and Yellow.


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