Another EU TTIPping Point as Cities Say No to TTIP

Thank goodness we’re on our way OUT of the corrupt Crony-Capitalist EU racket.

Money Makes the World Go round

One of the biggest threats to this Country, had we voted to Remain, was the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership – TTIP.

I’ve blogged about it before a couple of times; Why you should know about TTIP and TTIP – clear as mud.

The latest news from the continent is that, remarkably, ‘TTIP-free zones’ are spreading across Europe – before the deal has even been signed!

As the article linked above explains;

On Wednesday, Nils Loret, a coordinator for the ‘TTIP-free zones European network’ told this website that by declaring their cities and counties CETA and TTIP-free zones, mayors and local politicians had “affirmed their will as elected representatives to make citizens’ voices heard.”

According to anti-TTIP campaigners, cities such as Amsterdam, Cologne, Edinburgh, Grenoble, Barcelona, Milan, Vienna, Thessaloniki, have taken a similar stand against the transatlantic free trade agreements.

It goes on;

In Germany, 70 per cent of the participants to a survey said they believe TTIP has more disadvantages than advantages.

And this is EU-loving Germany!

Just one more reason why we will now be #BetterOffOut of the EU.


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