EU Continue Their Propaganda Policy In Schools Despite Brexit Vote

I spotted this link on my Twitter feed today and thought it worth bringing to your attention.

EU Waste Small

The link is a tender for someone to

Deliver approximately 100 EU educational sessions in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland for students between their 9th and 13th year of education.

Well at least they’re being open about it!

You can bet your life there will be no mention of the financial cost of EU membership or the parlous state of the Eurozone economies, no explanation of the loss of parliamentary sovereignty that being in the EU requires, nothing said about freedom of movement meaning that lower paid and part-time jobs (traditionally the sort of work students might do) have been taken by other EU citizens.

Do you imagine the talk will outline the scale of youth unemployment across the bloc? No.

But apparently it will be

Politically objective and balanced information on the EU, the role and work of its Institutions and on the rights, benefits and opportunities that stem from European citizenship.

Sorry, “politically objective and balanced” view of the “benefits and opportunities” of EU membership?

The definition of propaganda is;

Information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view.

And we are contributing to the 400,000 Euro cost of this initiative.


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