EU continues to neglect entrepreneurs and small businesses

As Europe drifts through its ongoing state of indecision, it continues to also neglect the entrepreneurs and small businesses SMEs who can pull it out of economic and social decline and into genuine, sustainable and more equitable growth. The SME sector is the backbone of the economy, but remains neglected and overshadowed by the demands and lobbying of European big business and international trade deals.

That opening paragraph comes from this damning article about how the EU has nothing to offer small and medium sized businesses but slogans and mottos.

It highlights, in that first paragraph, how the crony-capitalist EU is set up for the benefit of big business and multi-nationals while ignoring the innovators;

Consider if we added up the total funds spent in preparation for recent international trade deals TTIP, CETA, EU-India, etc., none of which have come to fruition. Now, if we had invested that same money – likely millions of euros – in supporting our organic home-grown entrepreneurs and SMEs, how many jobs could we have created, how much innovation could we have developed, what new products could we be offering to new markets who wanted the products not the trade deals?

And the article ends with this depressing verdict;

We have failed to properly evaluate our action and their impact in our desperate need to build more trade deals to support more big companies. Austerity has not damaged the backbone of the economy, the blindness of those in the decision making process has.

Just one more reason to be cheerful that we’ll soon be rid of this odious regime.



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