Thoughts on the US Election

I wasn’t going to write anything about the US elections, but after seeing some of the coverage and comment by others I decided to put something down.


Was this America’s Brexit moment?  Well I guess in part you could say so – victory for ‘ordinary people’ against big government, big media and the DC political elite. It was also a triumph for those of us who rail against political correctness and who understand that talking about immigration controls is not racism.

This election also saw another failure for the pollsters who got the result spectacularly wrong again and really need to take a long hard look themselves.

I have to confess I’ve not paid a lot of attention to the election campaign (a) because it’s been going on for so long, (b) I’ve got lots of other things to fill my time, (c) It’s really none of my business, (d) I have no say in the outcome.

This reasoning doesn’t seem to have stopped many ill-informed people from this side of the pond getting involved in the debate, in particular some MEPs,  as this article outlines;

It’s a sad day for the world. Trump is the expression of a virus spreading across the US & Europe. EU should be the anti-body to this virus

-S&D group

So one of the largest groups in the EU thinks the best way to improve relations with the US is to call it’s President and 48% of its population a virus?

It’s not only a defeat for the US but also for the entire democratic world. Old Europe should stand & fight for freedoms. #ElectionNight

-Eric Andrieu, French S&D group MEP

The irony of this comment is breathtaking – victory for a candidate who was chosen democratically by his party and who won in an open and free democratic election is somehow a defeat for the democratic world?

Statements that Trump is ‘divisive’ are also ridiculous. He has managed to unite enough people to win more seats than Clinton.

From what little I have seen and heard of the election it is clear that both candidates were flawed, often the message from both sides seemed to be “vote for me, the other candidate is far worse” which is an interesting tactic.

In the end, I think this quote that I saw on twitter probably sums up why Trump came out on top;

Those who were against Trump took him literally, but not seriously. Trump’s supporters took him seriously, but not literally.



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